Jeff Beagley
Jeff Beagley 17 timer siden
Excuse my ignorance, but what is with the idle on both these cars?
Big Banger
Big Banger 17 timer siden
Hell yea brother
Seventh Axis Racing
Seventh Axis Racing 17 timer siden
Yeah us aussies can build cars 💪
tyler 17 timer siden
New t-shirt idea “we turned her down and did a bigger wheelie” with ruby doing a wheelie on the front
RedogZuk 17 timer siden
More........ please more 🤘🏼😎🤘🏼
Gary Laaks
Gary Laaks 17 timer siden
Take your grandma for a spin in that car. I would just sit and blip the throttle in my garage with a car like that. Sweet rolling thunder.
Anthony lagan
Anthony lagan 17 timer siden
Just use a pallet truck to mover ur cars around works really well 😂
WilsonJW 82
WilsonJW 82 17 timer siden
McFarland Racing out here living their best lives!!!!
Wicked Moto
Wicked Moto 17 timer siden
Next video “1700 HP Ferrari does its first skid” lol
pinktroll2 17 timer siden
Gotta say, hope you hold off on having another cleetus and cars until COVID is less of an issue. The mass congregation is a real risk for unnecessarily spreading a disease.
marshal tennant
marshal tennant 17 timer siden
12:31 How does the time it happened on the back
marshal tennant
marshal tennant 17 timer siden
How did the damage happened on the back
TheDewaynerink 17 timer siden
What I want to know is what happened in the cul de sac
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 17 timer siden
In case anyone wants them I have two 35 X 18 mud tires for sale for $120 USD
Aad Handgranaat
Aad Handgranaat 18 timer siden
What a UNIT!
Eric Eisenbeis
Eric Eisenbeis 18 timer siden
James blowers will change your life brother ... blown alky life
LEIF HOFFMAN 18 timer siden
Killa-B is a "Spicy Unit"!!!! Way to go ROD SHOP!!!!!!!
Martin Balle
Martin Balle 18 timer siden
Driving on the street with NO rear brakes in a illegal car seams kind of dumb
D_car_king 18 timer siden
DME EMD 18 timer siden
Instead of only burnout cars they nees need a drag car with a big blower on it, maybe go straight to a 14-71 (well naturally, it would depend on the engine displacement, cam, the bore/stroke ratio and engine load - which is going to depend how you run your fuel system and all that sort of stuff but I'm digressing, lol...) ...oooorr how about a PSI screw blower...yeah!😁🤘🏻🤘🏻
EProductions 18 timer siden
I was watching this on the way to work and actually went through Castlemaine. Crazy that the car was built in this small country town and it’s now with you guys
1320 MotorWorks
1320 MotorWorks 18 timer siden
Glad to hear toast is going mechanically injected. The way it should’ve been!!!
Jon-Michel Jackson
Jon-Michel Jackson 18 timer siden
Just put a wheelie bar on ruby and make her a wheelie machine ;P
v12alpine 18 timer siden
Try a smaller pulley on the alternator and shorter belt. With all the electrical load it's probably stretching the belt and on those agressive upshifts it unloads and pops off.
ponypwr 18 timer siden
Can't wait until the lease is up at the current shop so you guys will always be at the FREEDOM FACTORY! Today would ha e been ALOT better being able to just pull KILLA BEE out of the ship and on to the track, and Bradenton Drag Strip happens to be next door!
Terry Hughes
Terry Hughes 18 timer siden
Good to know even a Cleetus has trouble with the hood latch release. :)
Sbf Performance
Sbf Performance 18 timer siden
Yea I believe toast needs alittle Australian love them guys have the burnout setups 💯 and they are pretty rowdy 😂 nothin against Garrett but I wanna see the owners do it because they are scared and they know there cars
Stotte 18 timer siden
Damn it sounds goooooooooooood..
Explore-with-me 18 timer siden
I dare you to put one of those engines in toast..... hahaha
Nathaniel D DeMarco
Nathaniel D DeMarco 18 timer siden
turn that idle up.
Jamie Myhre
Jamie Myhre 18 timer siden
Please put tractor flaps back on Ruby's exhaust
MrCarnutbill67 18 timer siden
I can hear blower surge over freeway traffic while a train is going by. It's a frequency that car guys ears are just tuned to. Pure magic music.
Randall Franklin
Randall Franklin 18 timer siden
Nasty Girl!!!
vaughn rizzi
vaughn rizzi 18 timer siden
make a wheelie car
Gerben Ament
Gerben Ament 18 timer siden
What are those straps on the blower for?
JMT OFFICIAL 18 timer siden
Rhd 5thgen never heard of it
CncObsession 18 timer siden
How long was the drive? How much fuel was used? ;-)
Ruben Braekman
Ruben Braekman 18 timer siden
Still can't believe rod shop sent these to you what a bunch of mad lads
Ham I am
Ham I am 18 timer siden
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 18 timer siden
Why is coop not in videos anymore
halofreak1990 18 timer siden
Killa-B's engine noise reminds me of the 2700HP big block V8's used in tractor pulling. You can hear those blowers a proverbial mile away.
Jack Napier
Jack Napier 18 timer siden
I want to hear a Charger SRT Hellcat sound like that
Savage Gaming
Savage Gaming 18 timer siden
Hmm maybe a Leroy and whitetrash new motor setup
Chris Martín
Chris Martín 18 timer siden
Is the Camaro RHD?
Cloud N9ne Creative Images
Cloud N9ne Creative Images 18 timer siden
You guys definitely need subtitles when talking while cars are on lol
Steve Rehfuss
Steve Rehfuss 18 timer siden
Sweet Jesus that 540 is mean.
ferrie76 18 timer siden
Heey Cleetus, don’t know if you know the product GoJak? It’s a set of dolly’s wich allow you to move the car any direction. Ideal for movin a wrecked or locked up car. Greetings from the Netherlands shop.zendextool.com/GoJak®_c_44.html
Grey Market
Grey Market 18 timer siden
reminds me of mad max
the other Brent
the other Brent 18 timer siden
Dannnng. Now i know what i want for Christmas.
Tom Wiech
Tom Wiech 18 timer siden
My names cleetus and I'm a covid denier that could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. My sister is the prettiest girl in town and I like to make boom boom with her!!
niyash sookra
niyash sookra 18 timer siden
Peter Thornton
Peter Thornton 18 timer siden
Literally living my dream. Fair play lads 👍🏻
Almost Serious
Almost Serious 18 timer siden
What a monster! Nice...haha @11:20 thanks to Stradman I heard the fist bump haha...
john Jacobs
john Jacobs 18 timer siden
Spiceeeeyyyy! Love it I can't recall if I commented on the 2.4hrs of the mullet? Big improvement on everything!! Would like to hear the cars reving and screaming down the straight aways, ect...
62cripple 18 timer siden
Sexy killa....💖👌
T1000AX 19 timer siden
Less rpm more traction more wheelie. Do opposite. Lol
Jock Jaime Radford Bromley
Jock Jaime Radford Bromley 19 timer siden
All that stuff inches from your fragile foreheads is making me nervous
Aamir Bhatti
Aamir Bhatti 19 timer siden
Proven Idiots.
William Harper
William Harper 19 timer siden
Just James grinning ear to ear the whole time makes this video amazing
TM P 19 timer siden
What did you say?... sorry I can't hear you I have a blower blaring in my ears.
Hugh Jarse
Hugh Jarse 19 timer siden
Burn out cars are so pointless
Angie Proffitt
Angie Proffitt 19 timer siden
I think u should ask if u can drag race them it would be really interesting
1slowfocusst 19 timer siden
Gotta get some of the rod shop merch shipped over here for sale
Mitchell Scripter
Mitchell Scripter 19 timer siden
All the comments are top notch today 🤣
DrakotheHusky 19 timer siden
my neighbor has a build similar to this with one of his old race cars. every weekend he starts it and revs it out and its soooooo loud. blowers not as big as this one and the cam isn't as crazy but its pretty badass to hear. ill walk my dog passed to get a look in the garage he's like an older jersey version of you haha
Danny Wanny
Danny Wanny 19 timer siden
Wait so these are your cars as well?
Anthony laduca
Anthony laduca 19 timer siden
Clustess i think u new time belt
Rob Bradford
Rob Bradford 19 timer siden
It would be cool to see Killah Bee and Warbird drag race toast. They could be so much more than burnout cars
Jack in the box
Jack in the box 19 timer siden
What an intimidating sound 😳
chris moss
chris moss 19 timer siden
Wow that is evil
adam s
adam s 19 timer siden
What a fricken cam that hellmaro has, wow
Sup_Im_Max 19 timer siden
cant believe you guys have that thing pilled in to the corner i would have backed it in just so i could look at that setup everyday
Brit Venia
Brit Venia 19 timer siden
WOW! Wish I could take a car like that around the block 1 time.
stevengary1989 19 timer siden
Zach zollars
Zach zollars 19 timer siden
Cleetus is jeans???? Wtf
Max Hammontree
Max Hammontree 19 timer siden
Hell yeah!!
Marsel Nuraliev
Marsel Nuraliev 19 timer siden
Mom: why don’t you play with the neighbors kids. The neighbors kids:
Alex Roc
Alex Roc 19 timer siden
Why do these type of cars spin the tires just idling around? I really want to learn.
Demareo ProGamer
Demareo ProGamer 19 timer siden
I am so going to make this car in nitro nation
Jackson Woods
Jackson Woods 19 timer siden
Rhd camaro, not sure how i feel about that